Why chose Rilesa

Durable products
Products from Rilesa are produced with longlivety in mind and are widely regarded as some of the most durable in the business. Made with proven technology and tested thoroughly before production, over 90% of all Rilesa machinery ever made is still running today. The result is less production downtime, less service time and better economy for our customers.

Caring about the details  
We know that even small details can have a major impact on production workflow. That is the reason why we spend a lot of time making sure that all hitches and glitches are eradicate before production, and that the machines are as easy to use as possible. It also means that the software operation system is easily understood and that the machine settings can be quickly changed - even by unskilled workers.

Big enough to serve you - small enough to know you
Rilesa has the production capacity to take on large scale projects but is still small enough to know our clients special needs and putting that extra care and pride in our products. With the manpower to both designs, develop and manufacture our woodworking machinery in-house we are the ideal size to act quickly on new ideas and technology.

After sales service
Our machines usually play an important role as a part of a production line and questions, problems and glitches need to be dealt with quickly and effectively. At Rilesa we have a dedicated service team that know our machinery inside out, and make sure that your Rilesa products perform flawlessly year after year.

A stable partner
For over 25 years, Rilesa has produced woodworking machinery to customers all over the world. We run a healthy and stable business with focus on long term relationships with our customers in the industry. This ensures that Rilesa is a stable partner for many years to come.