UNI-X 2200


Technical data:
Rilesa Unix 2200 drilling machine

  • Height: 10-85 mm
  • Width: 20-250 mm
  • Length: 250-2200 mm

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UNI-X 2200 is our most universal dowel drilling machine with a longe range of different special equipment


  • Drilling from 4 sides
  • Option: Milling
  • Option: Side displacement of drilling units
  • Materials: solid wood, MDF, chip board, plywood.
  • Components: short and long components, frame components, bed sides, drawer sides and front etc.

UNI-X is equipped with an advanced control system with numerous possibilities. It is possible to reset the machine in minutes, all data regarding drill heads, tools, position in x, y and z direction etc. are stored in the machine. A digital measuring system combined with a lightsignal guides the operator to position the drill groups in the x-direction. During production the machine continuously controls the position in x-direction to reduce faults.

The UNI-X is specially designed for solid wood and has a unique system og clamping cylinders designed to adjust and hold the components. The UNI-X is also excellent for components in MDF, chip board, plywood and even aluminium.

The resetting of the machine is easy and the flexible clamp units together with the slim design of the drill groups, make it possible to drill almost all components in one pass.
As with most Rilesa machinery, the UNI-X is well suited for automation and linking with other machines.

UNI-X can be ordered with a jumpboring system. With this system it is possible to drill in two steps. You can drill even complicated drill patterns in one pass without special drill heads. Alternative option: milling longholes, drilling round components etc.

The resetting of the drill groups is easy and exact with the magnetic positioning system. With the flexible drill groups it is possible to drill even complex drill patterns.

The UNI-X has a large program of special equipment, here we show milling, and drilling in two directions in one pass, for round components. Rilesa manufactures the drill heads with different systems for mounting the tools.

For more information on the UNI-X 2200 series. Feel free to contact us.

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