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Technical data:
Rilesa Cut


  • Cutting height: up to 190 mm
  • Cutting width: up to 300 mm
  • Raw material length: up to 3500 mm

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Precision cross-cutting saw that delivers high quality cuts.
Developed for handling of profile wrapped items, f.x. drawer parts and profile lists.

Rilesa Cut delivers large capacity and features a wide range of optional equipment:

  • Up to 10 cuts/min.
  • Large in-feed buffer
  • Saw blade diameter: 550 mm
  • Max. cutting height: 190 mm at workpiece width: 165 mm
  • Optional vertical milling unit
  • Programme controlled adjustement of counter profiles, to keep clean, high quality cuts
  • Ready for combining with all Rilesa drilling and milling machines, as well as other brands.
  • Can fully incorporates into automatic solutions

The precise feeding system and the large in-feed table ensure maximal working speed and short cycle times.

The saw blade, with a dia. 550 mm, enables to cut several workpieces simultaneously, in stacks up to 190 mm height and up to 300 mm width, leading to a considerable increase of production.

Due to the design of the touch screen display, it is easy to operate the saw, f.x. choose workpiece lengths and other control functions.

F.x. at raw pieces of 3500 mm length, 170 mm width og 16 mm thickness:
Parts are cut to 320 mm lengths. With 1 clear-cut and 10 finish-cuts, we are able to cut 10 to 100 parts per minut, depending on the number of stacked workpieces.

Solid wood, profile wrapped workpieces, MDF, chipboard, plywood etc.


For more information about Rilesa Cut, please contact us.

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