Production of pallet frames

January 2013

For a manufactorer of wooden packaging, we constructed a productionline for pallet frames.

The four sides of the frames are assembled by bolts and corner mountings. The corners would also be assembled by finger joints and a handle hole would be milled into the frame sides.

A Rilesa X-line multi step machine was equipped with cross-cut-, drilling-, milling-, and nut inserting-units in five stations.

X-line til fremstilling af pallerammer


The first station contains a cross-cut unit in every side. A saw blade from the top and another from beneath will cut the framesides exactly to length and chamfer the cut in the same time.

In the second station, four drilling units on each side are drilling the holes for the insert nuts.

The third station is made up of two hydro-pneumatic milling units, that are milling the finger joints in one vertical move.

At the fourth station, two Sigma nut inserting units are hammering the insert nuts into the drilled holes.

The last station are four hydro-pneumatic controlled milling units, two from above and two from below, that are milling the handle holes.

Then, the framesides are turned over on a conveyor belt and transported, through a cleaning unit, out of the machine.

The machine is controlled by a Siemens S7 PLC, that can contain up to 500 different programs for controlling e.g. drilling depths, milling of one, two or deselection of handle holes a.o. A production change from e.g. narrow to wide parts is easily done by choosing a program. Only adjusting to the length of the workpieces and adjustments of the clamping units require manual efforts of the operator, and is done in a few minutes.

At workpiece lengths from 400 - 1500 mm and widths from 50 - 410 mm, the line is capable of producing up to 5 parts/min. with a tolerance of ± 0,2 mm when cutting to length and milling the finger joints.