Pro-Line Throughfeed

Proline throughfeed web

Technical data:
Rilesa Pro-line Throughfeed

  • Height: 10-40 mm
  • Width: 20-300 mm
  • Length: 250-2200 mm

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A machine that processes the workpieces in two steps.

Hopper with integrated separation of workpieces

1. step:

  • Drilling left + right side
  • Drilling from the top
  • Drilling from the back side
  • Drilling from the front or bottom

2. step:

  • Dowelling



  • Drilling from 5 sides in one step
    (Drilling from6 sides possible)
  • Option: Side displacement of drilling units
  • Option: Cross conveyor with buffering table
  • Materials: Solid wood, MDF, chipboard, plywood
  • Components: Frame components, bed sides, drawer sides and fronts etc.


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