Pro-Line CNC

Proline vinkelovfud

Technical data:
Rilesa Proline CNC drilling machine

  • Height: 10-40 mm
  • Width: 20-300 mm
  • Length: 250-2200 mm

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The Pro-Line CNC dowel drilling machine, designed for highly sensitive items like MDF and foil-coated components. CNC from both ends with full interpolation. Drilling units fom the top, front and the back side.


  • Drilling from 6 sides
  • CNC milling and drilling
  • Materials: Solid wood, MDF, chipboard and plywood
  • Components: Short and long components, framework components, bed sides, drawer sides and fronts

The Pro-line CNC dowel drilling machine is equipped with an advanced control system with a lot of options. It is easy to reset the machine and all the necessary informations regarding the components are available on the display. The flexible clamp units, combined with the slim design of the drill units, makes it possible to drill almost all components in just one pass.

The Pro-line dowel drilling machine is designed with different loading system options
The basic version is designed with a special in- and outlet for the components as they are placed side by side. The components pass through the machine very gently and are handled without any scratches. Resetting the drill groups is done easily and precisely with the magnetic positioning system. When the Pro-line is being fed from other machinery, the pieces are being transported on a conveyer system and transferred crossways into the drilling machine.

The robot version of the Pro-line
Pro-line is also available in a robot version where the loading and removal of components is done using a robot. A whole layer of components is placed on the conveyer system which separates the drill components. Once the components are processed, they return at a lower assembly line and are assembled in a layer. The robot then collects the components again and places them on a pallet. This ensures that the robot always has enough capacity for the task.

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