Pro-Line CNC door/window

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Technical data:
Rilesa Pro-Line CNC
for door and window production

  • Height: up to 55 mm
  • Width: up to 160 mm
  • Length: up to 2500 mm

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Rilesa Pro-Line CNC door and window is a drilling and milling machine, that is very suitable for the processing of door cases and window frames.

The machine features a variety of optional equipments:

  • CNC end face processing with integrated drillhead right/left

Tenon milling

  • CNC surface processing with 1 or 2 drilling/milling units

Milling for hinges
Milling for locking plates
Milling for furniture
Vertical drilling units – single extractable
Horizontal drilling units – single extractable
Ready equipped drilling head (spot-drilling for hinges)

  • Option for mounting of saw unit
  • Transporting system in/out of the machine with several options:

Infeed unit (buffer) with returning conveyor to the operator
Infeed unit (buffer) where the workpieces are transported sidewards out of the machine
Optional handling by robot in front of the machine

  • With sidewards outfeed of the workpieces, there is an option to equip with:

Groove milling – horizontal and vertical (f.x. for wheather stripping and fire paste)
Drilling from below


  • CNC milling and drilling from 6 sides.
  • Materials: Solid wood, MDF, chipboard, plywoood.
  • Components: Door cases, window frames, short and long components, frame components, bed sides, drawer sides and fronts etc.


For more informations about the Pro-Line series, please contact us.

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