Omnia 1500 / 2200

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Technical data:
Rilesa Omnia 1500 / 2200 drilling machine

  • Height: 10-40 mm
  • Width: 20-250 mm
  • Length: 170-1500 mm 
  • Length: 170-2200 mm

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The Omnia 1500 / 2200 series are our smallest machines that appeals to customers who need flexible machines with fast set up times and high capacity.

This type of machine is well suited for small as well as larger batches. It will process many types of materials, from solid wood and MDF to chipboard and plywood.


  • Drilling from op to 4 sides
  • 1-man operated
  • Return conveyor
  • Optional hopper with integrated down stacking function
  • Optional horizontal drilling unit from backside with long stroke (up to 130 mm)
  • Materialer: Solid wood, MDF, chipboard and plywood
  • Components: Drawer sides and fronts etc.

Omnia 1500 / 2200 can be equipped with drilling units from both end sides, from the top and from the back side.

Drilling units, cross drilling and other functions are selected on a touchscreen. All necessary units are then linked to the job and can be adjusted fast and precise in all directions with the help of digital displays.

The screen shows capacity and production information as well.

After processing, the machine will transport the workpieces back to the operator on a return conveyor.

Omnia 1500 / 2200 is well suited for automation and linking to other machines.

For more information on the Omnia 1500 / 2200 series, please contact us.

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