Cutting and drilling line

November 2013

Our automatic cross-cut saw Rilesa Cut, 2 Rapid drilling machines and a robot for stacking of the finished parts.

The customer produces mainly profile wrapped parts. The dimensions of the finished parts are mostly:
length up to 3500 mm, width from 40 to 250 mm and thickness from 10 to 40 mm.
The inner materials are MDF or chipboard.

The customer knew our machines allready. This line is the second one, that the customer invested in, in the last two years.

The customer asked for:

  • 1 man operated line
  •  Up to 40 finished parts per minut
  • Robot stacking

There was a wide discussion about layout, equipment and required space, resulting in an optimal solution for our costumer:

  • Rilesa Cut cross-cutting saw, that delivers high quality cuts.
  • 2 pcs. Rlesa Rapid drilling machines.
  • ABB robot for stacking.

The automation between the machines and the complete control system was developed by Rilesa.


The operator places the raw material on the in-feed table, in stacks up to 190 mm height and Rilesa Cut is taking over.
The servo pusher feeds the saw, a clean cut is made and the offcut falls directly into a waste bin.
The saw cuts the specified lengths and the parts are then transported to the drilling machines.
The distribution is controlled by the software.
The parts are separated and lead into the hopper of the drilling machines.
Every machine features a cycle time of up to 24 cycles/min.

After drilling, the parts are transported to the robot out-feed. A layer of parts is lined up, taken by the robot and layed on a euro pallet.
The robot stacks on two pallets and puts a stabilizing interlayer of cardboard between every 10. layer on the stack (free programmable).
Samples for quality testing can be picked up during production. The sequence, when samples passes the stacking and transports outside the line to the operator for testing, can be defined in the control system.
The whole line is operated from the central display, where all data about the variuos workpieces are stored.

As promised, the line is controlled by only one operator, running with full capacity.